January 17, 2015

Kevin's View
The girls and I headed down to the farm to surprise Dad for his birthday tomorrow (everyone else was there too). On Saturday, I wanted to go to Pearce which had an airfield during WW II as part of the British Commonwealth Air Training Program (BCATP). I knew Dad would have some stories so we went for a drive with Jason & Jonathan.
After visiting the site of the old airport (and getting the cache there), we drove south to the Orton Cemetery and another cache across the road. This is my favourite photo of the day because of the lines of the fence fading off and the halo from the sun.
Hillary's View

The first few weeks being back in Korr after Christmas were tough.  Kevin was gone, Christmas was over, and school hadn't started yet. I was all alone in this big house, and it really got to my head.  I had some good conversations with some great people about it, and one takeaway from a conversation with Angela, the previous short term assistant in the Nairobi office (she's from Vancouver!!! No wonder I like her so much!) was that God gives us grace for each day - every day enough for the day ahead.  I decided my door needed an updated decoration, so went to work with a box of coloured chalk.  When things get hard, it's good to have this reminder right in front of my nose!  God is good - He has never let me down!

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