November 2, 2014

Kevin's View

 Jason has been wanting to get his 600th cache for a while and today was the day it worked out for us to do it together. Afterward, they invited me for delicious chicken quesadillas. Thanks Leonie!
Hillary's View
Today’s service was so good – it really seemed to be a bit of everything – the secondary choir, the hosanna choir, the nursery kids, a farewell to Nick and Lynne, a farewell to Steve, and a special thanksgiving for the graduating literacy class.  The literacy class has just finished a two year program where traditional women (and a few men, I think) have learned to read and write in their own language and to do basic math.  They have also learned some human and animal health and some geography, and, through it all, have learned about Jesus.  Today’s photo is the literacy class along with some other women from the church singing and giving thanks to God for all they have learned throughout the program.  They were dressed up for the occasion, with not just their beads but their bokhorchas (the large fibrous neckpieces) and their traditional leather skirts.  I love to see the Rendille language and culture alive and well!

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