November 1, 2014

Kevin's View
 This was my last Saturday in Canada for a while and I wanted to get a bunch of caches so I can get my 4700th in Kenya. I went for a drive to Kananaskis where it started to snow early in the day. It wasn't bad though, the roads were just a little wet and the low visibility made for a peaceful day where I could relax and do some thinking. I got back into town and picked up the girls then went to church, also my last service there for a while.
Hillary's View
More rain for us today - it's not snow, but, well, this is the desert!  It absolutely dumped in the morning, so I went out during a (not long enough) break in the rain to get a photo of the laga flowing.  It was amazing, I could hear the water from quite some distance away.  Rivers in Korr, though, don't last very long.  By the afternoon, all that was left was the puddle you see in the fourth photo - the same spot as the first just a few hours before!

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