October 18, 2014

Kevin's View
Today I was supposed to go to a dessert banquet for AIM. When I was at church, just minutes before it was supposed to start, I remembered. I quickly sent an email off to Paul and Angie (on the left) to apologize. Paul got back to me after church and told me that I could still catch the end of the evening. When I got there Murray (and Diana) was just finishing his presentation. So although I missed most of the evening, I was still able to catch up with these wonderful people. Paul and Angie are the AIM mobilizers for the prairies and Murray and Diana are the (I hope I get this right) personnel directors for long term and short term (respectively) missionaries.
Hillary's View
Today's photo is also an urgent prayer request. Usually Ngurinit does my laundry each week, but I did my own today, as her son has been really, really sick with an unknown illness that is seriously affecting his mental state, his safety, and the safety of those around him.  Ngurinit is taking him to a hospital in Meru, a 6-8 hour drive away, on Monday, but has no money for transport or treatment, and is beside herself with lack of sleep and worry. Please pray for my sweet friend and her son Hirkeena.

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