October 13, 2014

Kevin's View
 Thanksgiving Day -
The girls and I came back home today to a warm sun and a cool breeze. Seeing the leaves in my back yard got me thinking about things I am thankful for. For me growing up in Alberta meant dry, crunchy leaves in the fall. This weekend I was able to experience a Vancouver Island October. There was rain and wet leaves, salmon running, beautiful sunsets and spectacular scenes from the airplane. There are many beautiful things in the world. I am thankful that I can share these experiences with my daughters. I am thankful for my own family who I didn't see this weekend, I am thankful for my new family which I did see. Mostly though, I am thankful that I found Hillary and that we can continue to get to know each other, share experiences and find many new adventures in our future.
Hillary's View
Thanksgiving Day -
While I certainly missed my family, it made me so happy that Kevin and the girls were together with my family this weekend.  I got to talk to everyone but my brother and his fiancee on the phone, and spent most of the day getting some work done.  In the afternoon, however, I was invited to go visit my lovely friend Mary and her kids.  She made me tea and injera, a pancake-like snack, and we caught up with one another. I was happy to be able to understand most of what she was telling me, and also happy her older daughter Wamba was able to confirm and translate what I didn't understand or know how to say.  I certainly was thankful for family, friends, and the blessing it was to spend time with Mary and her family today!

Top L: Priscilla, R: James
Bottom L: Wamba, R: Mary
Missing is Selena, who is studying at a secondary school out of town. She was in my class six English class when I was here before, and I'm looking forward to seeing her when she comes back after school close.

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