October 12, 2014

Kevin's View
I have to say, I love this photo. While Patt was getting dinner ready for us to celebrate Thanksgiving, Doug took me and the girls to  Rathtrevor Beach in search of sand dollars. We didn't find any but there was an abundance of clam and oysters shells as well as little homes for hermit crabs. These happened to be three of the occupied shells they found.
Hillary's View
After church today, I went over to the school to see if any students who were still around for mid term break wanted to go exploring with me. There were about eight boys who wanted to brave the heat and climb one of the nearby hills.  It wasn't really high, but it gave us great view over the desert and the town.  I love how much these kids love to pose for photos! :)

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  1. You were right across the bay from our condo at Rathtrevor.