March 15, 2015

Kevin's View
 Heading back home from Lethbridge, I decided to stop by the Badger Flat school site. The sign in the picture is a memorial plaque that is used all over Southern Alberta to commemorate locations where there used to be 'pioneer' schools and post offices. Almost all of them have caches so it's a great way to explore the country side... This one happened to be 8 km north of the Granum road and another 2 km to the next gravel road. It had rained in the morning and by this time had started to snow too. The 'road' was a bit muddy as you might see by my tires.
Hillary's View
I was speaking at the Sunday night fellowship tonight.  The students usually begin with some more traditional dancing and singing, and I SO enjoy it - they are loud, boisterous, and you can really tell that THIS is the 'heart language' of music and dance for them.  It's super blurry, but I like it - In this part of the song they turn to one another, shake hands, and bob their knees three times and their head once.  Love, love, LOVE it.  (I was totally going to join in, but I chickened out! Maybe next time!)

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