February 4, 2015

On the way to school, there is a large laga (dry river bed) with wells along the sides.  Lately there have been herds and herds and herds up and down the laga being watered.  Goats, sheep, donkeys, camels, even cows (I have no idea what cows are doing in Korr - this is SO not the climate for cows, I have no idea what they eat. Not much, judging by how rickety and bony they look) line the laga from before sunrise to after sunset.  Groups wait in the distance for one herd to be watered and then they come to take their turn.  You might be able to see another herd behind the one at the well in the bottom photo.  

Aesthetically, it's beautiful to see all the people and their beads and their cloth and the animals and baskets, and to hear the bleating and the grunting of the animals and the chanting of the warriors down the wells as they bring up water.  But it's bitter sweet because I know all this activity concentrated in this small area is because Korr's water is drying up, and there's a long way to go before the rains come again.  Please pray for relief for the Rendille people.

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