February 21, 2015

Kevin's View

 After a time of really nice weather for February (for April really!), we got a bit of snow again last night. It didn't last though, it was mostly gone by the next day.
Hillary's View

 I am so thrilled about these photos! Compassion is coming to several towns in Northern Kenya, including Korr.  A committee of local people have teamed with Compassion to find the neediest families to set up child sponsorships.  Being here to see the process of how a sponsorship program is set up, I am SO, SO impressed with Compassion, their goals, and how they run.
Today was the day when the children who had been identified for sponsorships and their parents were being interviewed and photographed.  You know when you sponsor a child and you get the little information cards with the child's family situation, interests, household chores, etc? All this information comes from these interviews with parent, child, translator, and compassion interviewer.
I can't WAIT for all this information to be processed so I can start encouraging you all to sponsor a child from Korr! :)  They hope for everything to be ready to go in April or May.

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