February 14, 2015

Kevin's View

 I learned something very important today. Hillary and I love each other very much (that's not new info) but we do show it and receive it differently (of that I was also aware). We had spent some time on the phone talking last night so for her it was already Valentine's Day. Then this morning, we spent time chatting on facebook messenger. For me, I was very happy with the time we were spending, not in each others presence but still 'with' each other. For Hillary though, she likes to give good gifts and can go to great lengths to make it happen (see Feb 12). She also likes things like the photo to the right to acknowledge our relationship.
I am so thankful for her and how well she loves me. Those types of expressions do not come to me naturally but because I know they matter to her, I will work to show her my love in ways that she feels most affirmed and loved. Not just on Valentine's Day but every day of our lives.

I love you Hillary.
Hillary's View

I'm so far away from my man this year, but still so grateful to have him in my life! I love you, my Forever Valentine!

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