January 3, 2015

Kevin's View
 Today was our family Christmas Day and the three oldest granddaughters got matching toques.
Hillary's View

Previous short termers have left SO. MUCH. STUFF. in this house - toiletries, clothes, school supplies, medicines... I know it's with the intention that the next people will use them, and for some things, that's true. I'm currently enjoying the three seasons of 30 Rock someone left behind - score! But I wanted to do a cleanout, as there was an entire BIN full of medicines.  I checked the expiry date, and anything that was past it's date got chucked - and it was a LOT! Vitamins, antibiotics, and packets and packets and packets of diarrhea medicine! I think people come really expecting the worst! :p But the problem is, I just have an open pit in the back yard for trash, and kids go in there all the time and take stuff.  I couldn't have them taking expired meds, so... fire it is! Burn, baby, burn!

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