December 26, 2014

Kevin's View
 I got together with my friend Brent on Boxing Day to do some geocaching. We went out to Chestermere and found some in town but also got out of town. These cattails were on the side of the road at one cache and I liked how the light was shining on them.
Hillary's View

We were invited to one of the Kalacha church members house for lunch on Boxing Day - apparently they were cooking for several different groups, spreading the festive cheer! We waited in one of the bedrooms while the group before us finished, and then we were served - a HUGE platter of rice, potatoes, and goat meat.

I always love the colourful fabrics Gabra people use to decorate the walls of their houses - and it's always so neat to see how different houses are between the Gabra and their 'next door neighbours' the Rendille.

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