December 16, 2014

Kevin's View
 We had our Christmas party for Fuse tonight. It was a fun evening to connect with friends after getting back. Heading home, I realized I didn't have a photo yet. The church had some trees set up so I decided to try a bokeh effect (seems to be gaining popularity in photo circles lately) with the lights. Basically, it's intentionally out of focus photos.
Hillary's View

Hooray! Marlene is back! She and I spent nearly three weeks in Nairobi together back in August. She works in South Sudan and we had one afternoon back at Mayfield that overlapped before I headed back north for Christmas. She has become a good friend, so I was happy to be able to catch up.

We (of course!) went to Java House for a milkshake, and I had to grab a photo of one of our sidewalk obstacles. It's not the best picture, but what you're looking at is a gaping hole that takes up the whole of the sidewalk - you have to walk onto the street and/or make a big jump to get over it. And it's been like that so long that somebody's discarded roasted maize (like BBQ corn on the cob, a favourite street treat here) has SPROUTED and grown into a three or four foot tall stalk.  Oh, Nairobi!

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