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Hillary will be in Kenya from early July 2014 to mid April 2015.  Kevin will be staying in Calgary.  From the desert life of Northern Kenya to the city life of Calgary, Alberta, our two hearts will be a world apart - not just in distance, though there's that, too, but in our every day experiences.  Yet we are connected, and are excited about this photo a day project. We are starting three weeks before Hillary leaves, and ending three weeks after she returns, and hope to show a snippet of what we see each day, side by side.  It's a way for us to stay connected, and hopefully an interesting project for you, as well!

Internet access can be spotty in Kenya, and life can get busy no matter where we are, so if there are holes in the daily posts, please forgive us.  We'll try to fill them quickly and not get too far behind.

We hope you enjoy the view.

- Two Hearts A World Apart

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